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Drive Bar Pricing

The base price of Drive Bar is $10/single user. Quantity prices are below. Our secure web order form automatically calculates the price based on the quantity ordered. Quantity prices are also listed on the fax/mail order form.

Drive Bar Price List

Number of Users

Price per User*

Single user
2 to 9 users
10 to 24 users
25 to 49 users
50+ users

$ 10.00
$  9.00
$  8.00
$  7.00
$  5.00


  • Standard quantity pricing is based on the number of users who have access to the program, not 'concurrent users'. In other words, if you have 10 users, order 10 licenses.
  • Special pricing is available for large corporate orders. Special pricing is also available for limited-use licenses if your requirements for the program involve 'logon script' processing only. Write sales@funduc.com or call for more information. 
  • See Purchase Orders for information about billed orders. We accept purchase orders from US and Canada only.
  • Electronic delivery is free. For a physical disk the price is $10.00 (domestic USPS Priority mail) or $15.00 (non-US via USPS International mail) S&H.
  • Along with your registration you will receive free updates and customer support (by Email) for one year. We will contact you by Email with update instructions. If you have problems receiving the program or need customer support, contact us at support@funduc.com.

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