File Merge Express (32-bit Self-Install) Shareware Download

Important: If you are not sure if your computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system, please stop and see How to determine your Windows operating system version. Thanks!

Your browser should automatically begin the download in 10 seconds. If it does not, click on the link below.

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Instructions: The file about to be downloaded is named setupfx.exe. Make a note of the folder (subdirectory) where your browser saves the setupfx.exe file. Then navigate to that folder using Windows Explorer or your file manager and double click on setupfx.exe to install.

Note: If our mirror site does not respond, cancel your browser and Click Here To Select A New Site. You may also download from our primary site.

Registered Users: Do not upgrade your version by installing the print shareware version. You should follow the upgrade instructions you received from us.Write if you lost your copy of the instructions.

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