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Drive Bar is a small application we wrote to make it more convenient to open views of your hard drives in Windows Explorer®. Drive Bar presents a group of icons of available drives. Simply click on an icon to launch an Explorer view of that drive.

The program runs in the background and is always available for use. It can be configured to "Auto Hide" - you can park it at the edge of your display and it will disappear and not take up screen space when not in active use. To awaken Drive Bar from Auto Hide, move your mouse cursor to that edge of the screen. Drive Bar will automatically disappear from view again when you move the cursor away from the dialog. The Auto Hide mode is analogous to the Auto Hide function of the Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10 Task Bar.

Alternatively, you can resize Drive Bar and/or have it remain visible at all times - handy for those of you who dislike auto hide programs.

Drive Bar doesn't have to use Windows Explorer. A configurable command line lets you use another File Manager-type program instead of Explorer. For example, you could configure Drive Bar to launch our own Directory Toolkit by changing the default browser launch command line from
  C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.exe /e,"%1"
  C:\Tools\Dirtkt\Dirtkt.exe /s"%1".
See the program documentation for your file manager for help on the command line functions available.

Windows 2000 users: If you have trouble, go to the Drive Bar Options dialog, 'Launch this program to browse field' and change the entry to 
  Explorer.exe /e,"%1".

Please see the Drive Bar graphical page for more information.

Download Shareware

SETUPDB.EXE (350K): Download this self-installing version to a temporary directory and run SETUPDB.EXE. Drive Bar will be installed to the directory of your choice. No files are added to your 'system' subdirectory and the setup includes an uninstall function.

DRIVEBAR.ZIP (180K): UnZIP this to the subdirectory of your choice and follow the instructions in "install.txt".

Purchase Options

Pricing begins at $10/license. Quantity discounts are available - see the fax/mail order form or dbprice.htm. As part of the registration, you will receive free updates and customer support (by E-MAIL). Updates are sent to registered customers as they become available. They incorporate your suggestions, so please send them! If you have problems receiving the program or need customer support, contact us directly by E-MAIL at

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