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Folder Synchronize is a command-line path comparison & synchronize tool for large scale, scripted directory compare and update tasks. We developed Folder Synchronize with an eye toward network administrators, who need the synch functions of our Directory Toolkit utility but who do not need Directory Toolkit's GUI or secondary functions such as archive management, file operations, etc.

Folder Synchronize is not just for enterprise-level synch chores though -- the program is useful for anyone who has standardized compare & synch tasks.

Folder Synchronize can synchronize two paths using one of 6 synch methods:

  'Synch' - Add new files in both directions
  'Augment' - Add new files from source to target
  'Refresh' - Update only existing files in the target
  'Update' - Update existing files in the target & add brand new files
  'Prune' - Delete orphans on the target, update existing, & add brand new
  'Remove Duplicates' - Deletes like-named (& time/date stamp) files from target

The program can also do a comparison-only. This is useful with the output report function. When the output report is enabled it will contain a summary of the path comparison &/or a summary of the file operations carried out by the synchronize.

Other features include:

Folder Synchronize is for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10. Separate 32 64-bit (x64) versions are available.

All commands are submitted to the program via script files. Scripts are ASCII text files you create with your text editor. You can launch the program via a .bat/.cmd file. The program defaults to using '.sfs' as a file name extension for script files. If you do not change this you can also double click on a script named to the .sfs extension to launch the program and execute that script. Drag n drop in Explorer also works.

See Folder Synchronize Syntax for the script syntax. Also see Directory Toolkit Syntax for the switches for Directory Toolkit scripts. You do not need to have Directory Toolkit installed -- Folder Synchronize reads these scripts directly.

A graphical page is available at Folder Synchronize.

Pricing begins at $25 US for a single user license. See Purchase Information for more information.

Support is available in the Help File and from

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