Excel Search and Replace 2.0

ExcelSR IconExcel Search and Replace is a freeware macro for Microsoft Excel. We created 'ExcelSR' for those who need to search (and replace) in Excel documents but find Funduc's Search and Replace too powerful for your purposes. Excel Search and Replace uses the find and replace functions built-in to Microsoft Excel. It does not use our Search and Replace product so your available functions are the same as those present in the Excel 'Find and Replace' dialog. Excel Search and Replace can process more than one file by specifying a 'wild card' in the dialog 'File Mask (with path)' field.

Please look below for version-feature information.

We have counterpart macros for MS Word (Word SR) and MS PowerPoint (PwrPt SR).

Excel Search and Replace Dialog
Excel Search and Replace Screenshot

Important Notes

Version Information

Download ExcelSR

ExcelSR.zip (Ver 2.0 - 45K) - Unzip this into the subdirectory of your choice. See 'readme.txt' for more information.

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